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Lake dyes come in two forms neat powder or liquid, using the powdered form you rely on the lake water to dissolve the pva sachets that sink to the bottom of the lake over time, using the liquid form you pour the product in the lake from a boat or upwind from the margins, if you require a lake dye to start work immediately to its full potential we only recommend the use of liquid dye for lakes in all water temperatures.

Lake dyes are non hazardous ecco friendly products designed to dissolve with all of your lakes water from the bottom to the surface, this forms a blue coloured sun blocker which reduces the Red, Orange and Yellow part of the sun lights spectrum beaming down from the sky into your water, you can go steady with the dosage and reduce the sunlight reaching the lakes bottom by up to 30% or increase the dosage to reduce the sunlight reaching the bottom by up to 60%, we do not advocate high ratios of lake dye usage because we recommend you keep your waters natural life cycle continuing in a healthy way.

Lower dosage per acre for Green algae reduction and Sub surface weed reduction by up too 20-30%

Medium dosage per acre for Green algae prevention and Sub surface weed reduction by up too 60-70%

Higher dosage per acre for Green algae prevention and Sub surface weed prevention by up to 80-100%

After years of conversing with the E.A i can confirm 100%, it is possible to treat your waters with lake dyes even if your water has an outflow into a stream or river because once your over spill leaves your water it is diluted at such a fast rate it will be dispersed within a short period of flow, river/stream systems near to waters that lake dye left down the outflows were tested at numerous points down stream with no effect to the water course noted by the E.A.

There has not been one occasion where using our lake dye has caused any effects on the wildlife

Pro blue + is a dark blue concentrated liquid lake dye for the use of dispersing into a water course which will then dilute with your lake water over the following 6 hours until your whole lake from top to bottom is blue in the water column, this acts as a filter to reduce or prevent the red orange yellow parts of the light spectrum reaching the lake bed or weed growth for photosynthesis.

You pour the required amount of the lake dye into your lake and let nature do the rest, we recommend in waters under 2 acres pour the lake dye in ideally on the back of the wind then let the wind action disperse and dilute the lake dye as the undertow moves the water around your lake, on larger waters we recommend you go out in a boat and pour the lake dye in up and down the middle of the lake and along the back of the wind, the lakes undertow will do the rest.

Once an application of dye treatment has been put in your water it will start doing its filter job straight the way slowing weed growth and reducing the the water temperature.

We recommend using plastic gloves when pouring the lake dye into your lake, any spilled lake dye on your skin will come off with a hot water soap wash.

5 litre containers = £65.00 No VAT to add

25 litre containers = £300.00 No VAT to add

Pro Blue Lake Dye
Pro Blue Lake Dye