Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1 My dog and children likes to swim in the lake will they be safe ?

Yes, your dog will be safer if the water has been lake dye treated because it prevents green algae forming which can go toxic.

2 Will the birdlife and wildlife be effected by the lake dye ?

No, vegetable food based lake dyes will not cause any harm to the wildlife or eco system.

3 How does the blue lake dye work ?

It dissolves with your lake water then forms a blue filter that reduces the red, orange and yellow parts of the light spectrum reaching the bottom.

4 Will the lake be warmer or cooler when treated ?

The lake will be slightly cooler 

5 Does the lake day treatment effect the lakes dissolved oxygen levels ?

Yes in the summer months, because the water is slightly cooler the molecules hold more oxygen than if untreated.

6 Will the lake dye kill off the Lilly pads around the lake ?

No, they will grow up in the spring but it will take them a little while longer to get to the surface.

7 How long will the lake dye treatment last ?

If the correct level of Pro blue + has been used the product will do its job for 3 months.

8 Will one treatment of lake dye in March last for the whole year ?

No, to be effective for the whole summer period, 2 doses one in the spring and one in the summer will do most deeper waters with the shallower waters under 6’ requiring a third treatment.

9 My water has an inlet and outlet into a stream/river can i use a lake dye to prevent an algae bloom/weed growth ?

Yes, the E.A are powerless to stop you using a lake dye in your water, they might not like it but there is no law to stop you doing so.

10 Will i lake dye treated water be better in the high dry summers ?

Yes, while untreated waters can reach 25-30oC water temps mid summer, treated waters will be slightly cooler.

11 Is the Pro blue+ lake dye tested for safety ?

Yes, the product has been tested and a safety data sheet is available on request, the E.A has also tested numerous streams and rivers where the lake dye was running out an outflow all tests has shown no noticeable difference to the environment. 

12 Why are you not selling 1-5 litre tubs retail online ?

We deal with commercial interests first and foremost i.e. Coarse/Fly Fisheries, Waterparks, Watersports centres, Park lakes etc which is generally larger orders to the trade.

13 Why are some of the online sellers 5 litre tubs cheaper than your Pro blue + lake dye ?

Most of the online sellers that pop up on your search engine are selling lake dyes far far weaker than my product, if you look at the small print you will see 1 litre of there pond/lake dyes treat 40 – 120,000 lake litres which sounds strong, but 1 litre of our Pro blue + lake dye will treat 5,500,000 lake litres, so our Pro blue + lake dye is from 45-137 times stronger than these retail products.

14 When we pour the lake dye into our lakes will are hands be permanently stained ?

We recommend you where a pair of plastic gloves but any spilt patches of Pro blue + will come off your skin within a couple of hot water/soap washes, when i am making the dye even while wearing a full pvc hooded overal with face mask and safety glasses on, i get blue lake dye on me but after a couple of washes its gone. 

15 Will Pro blue + lake dye permanently stain my clothes if i spill the concentrated liquid on me by mistake ?

No, after one hot wash they will be back to normal but we advise you wash whites seperate.

16 How long can i keep lake dye in storage, will it be ok over winter ready for the spring ?

We only sell freshly made stock, if you have any lake dye left by October we advise you keep the containers in a building off a cold floor to prevent frosting, ideally you don’t want your lake dye to freeze so chuck a cloth, jacket, groundsheet over the containers or even better put the containers of lake dye in somewhere warmer above 5 oC.

17 Do we do late season end of year deals to clear stock ?

The bigger companies sell off summer stock at reduce rates November onwards, because we make stock every month for regular customers and enough to sell until the next month we don’t end up with old discounted stock by December, my advise is to buy new stocks of lake dye the month before you need it, but if you can keep it warm enough to not freeze it will be fine to over winter.

18 Do we sell to customers outside the UK ?

Yes we most certainly do, infact we have a growing customer base in France, the bigger dye companies sell there dye to a French distributer who then put there mark up on top, French customers will have to pay £500-570 per 25L tub from them, we sell 25L Pro blue + at the same rate to everyone £300, the french fisheries owners buy from us then ship the tubs out abroad themselves.

19 A common quote i hear… We have treated are lake with dye from last years stock but it isn’t as blue as last year ?

The lake dye has lost its stability most likely from freezing over winter in a steel container or from being left on a concrete floor.

20 Do i need to pour the lake dye in from a boat ?

If your water is smaller than 10 acres NO just pour the dye in the lakes margins up wind if possible at the end of the day by tomorrow the lake will be blue, on larger waters yes use a boat with life jacket to cover a larger area, i currently treat waters from 1/2 acre up too 205 acres each year, on the larger waters a wind helps spread the dye within hours.

21 In shallower waters can i get away with using less concentration as a deeper water ?

Unfortunately the shallower your water the stronger your concentration needs to be to prevent weed growth.

22 Will the large carp in my water go pale coloured or blue even ?

No your fish will most certainly not go blue coloured, in clear clarity waters that suffer from algae blooms when you have treated your water within weeks after the algae bloom has gone or not started, your big carp will go darker.