Blue Lake Dye Liquid UK

Pre warning all potential customers. Beware some lake dyes for sale on the internet are designed for garden ponds with a concentration ratio from 1litre of dye treats 40,000 – 120,000 lake litres.
There are currently only 3 commercial grade lake dye companies on the UK market that we know about including ourselves with a concentration ratio of 1litre of dye treats 5 – 6 million lake litres.

Trade Only for Fisheries, Watersport Venues, Country Parks & Nature Reserves

(Trade sales best prices)

1 litre of Pro Blue Lake Dye treats 5,500,000+ lake litres

(Better quality product)

Improves your water quality

(Increases Oxygen level stability)

To reduce algae blooms / weed growth 1litre per acre 1m deep is recommended minimum

Pro Blue+ Lake Dye is natural blue not dark bright blue

Currently used at 150+ sites around the UK/FR.



Blue Lake Dye Made In The UK
Lower dosage for Algae prevention and minimum weed control

Pro Blue Lake Dye

6-20% stronger than other UK available blue lake liquid dyes

Trade only for Fisheries, Watersports Venues, Golf Courses, Holiday Parks, Country Parks & Nature Reserves.

Eco environmentally tested and regulated 6.8-7.6ph

Made in the UK to the highest standards

EU/UK approved food grade water soluble dye

Prevents a green/blue filamentous algae bloom

Reduces summer lake water temperatures

Improves water Oxygen levels

Deters Otter/Cormorant predation

Clear containers so you can see what and how much you are paying for

25L tubs for £300 / 5L tubs for £65

Delivery from our Midlands base

Higher dosage for Algae prevention and maximum weed control
Higher dosage for Algae prevention and maximum weed control

We can do the Lake Dye application for you.

This year our overheads have increased ie: dye powder is up 10%, freight costs up 33%, packaging up 29%. And with fuel costs rising over the last 24 months unfortunately we haven’t been able to reduce our prices for 2022.